About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Diet Service and something that actually works

ShapeUp also previously known as Dietician Hub was started with a vision of providing Diet Services Online. But later, we disbanded the idea to providing DIET SERVICES FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. One of our most loved and successful product is the Weight Loss Meal Plans that is loved by people all around the world.

Our Company

We are an online based Professional Service for DIET and Online Weight Loss Program. With the love we have received, we continue to grow on monthly scale with hundreds of customers trusting us every month.

Our Vision and Story

Our Vision


Our vision is to provide affordable diet service to the crowd. However, with that we won’t compromise on the quality of the product, however with our teams creativity, we will and one day make medical and lifestyle sector a sector where everyone can afford the services.

Our story started in 2018, being the first Online weight loss program around the world and served over 3000+ clients worldwide. However, the idea just dropped as one of our respected dietitian started showing negligence towards the clients. Since then, our team consists of only members that are younger than 28 and have an experience in the field. 

However, we rebranded from Dietician Hub to ShapeUp. After we launched our social profile, we recieved 200plus clients in the first month and have been improvising on our service ever since.

A message from our Management Team


A Product of 360i Management

Shapeupofficial is a product that provides information and resources for individuals interested in improving their physical health and wellness. Our mission is to help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their health and fitness goals by providing accessible and practical information, support, and motivation.

We offer a wide range of resources, including workout plans, nutrition guidance, and expert advice from fitness professionals. We also have a community forum where users can connect with others and share their experiences, successes, and challenges as they work towards their goals.

At Shapeupofficial, we believe that everyone has the potential to improve their health and fitness, and we are committed to providing the tools and support necessary to help our users shape up and live their best lives. So, Shapeupofficial.com is the best place for you to start your journey towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Our Vision is our Mission...

Our teams vision is my vision. We have setup a team of Young recent grads who have been freelancing in the Diet and Nutrition area. Our Team members consist of Dietitians and Nutritionist from Nepal and India. 

However, our young team doesn’t decline our quality. In fact, ever since we have had the new team, our productivity, clients feedback and service quality has exceeded our expectations. We are constantly improvising on our service. 

The main vision of the brand is to provide a very affordable service to the general public at the very least our service as per the market study is 700% better than any other service in the market. Along with that, our service cost is about 70% – 400% cheaper compared to any of our competitors.