Chicken Meatball Recipe

A meatball is a ball that is formed out of ground beef, sometimes with additional ingredients like bread crumbs, minced onion, eggs, butter, and seasonings. Cooking methods such as frying, baking, steaming, or braising in sauce are used to prepare meatballs.

Ingredients for Chicken Meatball

Chicken mince160gm
Olive oil1tbs
Red chilly powder1tbs
Chicken masala1/2tbs
Momo masala1/2tbs
Coriander powder1tbs
Garam masala1tbs
Black pepper1/2tsp
Ginger garlic paste1/2tbs

Preparation for Chicken Meatball

  1. Put the chicken mince in a basin and set it aside.
  2. Toss in all of the salt, black pepper, red chili powder, and ginger garlic paste.
  3. Start combining all of the ingredients by using your hands (after making sure they are clean, of course).
  4. Now put it somewhere out of the way for an hour.
  5. After an hour, include one egg, chicken masala, momo masala, coriander powder, and garam masala into the marination while continuing to stir it well.
  6. In order to make the marination more dry, we are going to add some masala at the same time as the egg.
  7. Now begin rolling the dough into balls of the proper size, and place them in the refrigerator for another half an hour.
  8. Butter and olive oil should be added to a deep pan before the heat is brought up high.
  9. Take the chicken balls out of the refrigerator and begin rolling them on the dish containing the almond flour.
  10. Fry them in oil at a high temperature, but be careful not to burn them otherwise they will have a harsh flavor.

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Nutritional Facts

Net carbsN/A


If you know how to prepare them properly, meatballs could really be beneficial to your health. The meatball is not only delicious but also beneficial to one’s health if consumed properly. It has a taste that is rather enjoyable, and you may consume it in the comfort of your own home.

I strongly suggest that you give cooking it at home a go at some point. I’d give it a score of 4 out of 5.

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