Slow Cooker Creamy Ranch Pork Chops Recipe

Slow Cooker Creamy Ranch Pork Chops Recipe

The Slow Cooker Creamy Ranch Pork Chops are yet another wonderful and simple dinner that can be prepared in a slow cooker. This recipe for a soothing dinner will have everyone begging for seconds.

Ingredients for Creamy Ranch Pork Chops

Pork chops about 1/2 inch thick6 boneless
Cream of chicken soup1 can (10 ounces)
Cream of mushroom soup1 can (10 ounces)
Ranch dressing/ seasoning mix1 packet (1 ounce) 
freshly chopped Parsley optional

Preparation for Creamy Ranch Pork Chops

  1. Spray some cooking spray on the insert of a slow cooker so that it is greased. Put pork chops in the slow cooker and turn it on low.
  2. After pouring the cream soups over the pork chops, season them with ranch seasoning mix and serving immediately.
  3. Cook with the lid on for a total of six hours over a low heat setting, or for four hours over a high heat setting.
  4. When you’re ready to serve it, you can top it with chopped parsley if you like. Enjoy!

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Nutritional Facts

Net carbs13g


Delectable and plenty of moisture. I will most certainly do so again. Was just the right amount of moist, and there was plenty gravy for me.
I will give it a score of 5/5. You should most definitely give it a shot.

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