Butternut Squash Curry (One Pot) Recipe

This warm butternut squash chickpea curry can be prepared in about 30 minutes and is rich, creamy, and delicious! It’s easy to make, just requires one pot, and the seasoning is just right. The perfect warm supper to enjoy on a weekday or for meal prepping!

Ingredients for Butternut Squash Curry (One Pot)

extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil1 – 2 tbsp
shallot, diced1
yellow onion, diced1
cubed butternut squash3 cups
freshly grated ginger2 – 3 tsp
red curry paste2 tbsp
yellow curry powder1 tbsp
salt, more to taste½ – 1 tsp 
black pepper½ tsp 
unsalted chickpeas15-ounce can
coconut milk15-ounce can
low-sodium vegetable broth⅔ cup
fresh lime juice2 tbsp
fresh baby spinach4 cups 

Preparation for Butternut Squash Curry (One Pot)

  1. Warm the oil in a big Dutch oven or other kind of saucepan over medium heat. When you are ready, add the onion and shallots that have been diced.
  2. Cook for another three to four minutes, or until the onions have become softer and are beginning to become transparent.
  3. The butternut squash should be chopped before being added, along with ginger, red curry paste, curry powder, and salt. To evenly distribute the spices over the squash, give it a little swirl. Continue to cook for an additional 3 minutes.
  4. Include chickpeas, coconut milk, vegetable broth, and lime juice in the ingredient list.
  5. The next step is to bring the mixture to a boil, after which you should decrease the heat, cover the pot with a lid, and allow it to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the squash is easily pierced with a fork and the curry has thickened.
  6. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the spinach until it has wilted.
  7. Taste the curry very carefully, and make any necessary adjustments to the salt or other ingredients.
  8. If you choose, serve this dish over basmati, jasmine, or brown rice, and top it with fresh cilantro and slices of lime before serving. Enjoy!

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Nutritional Facts

Net carbs48g


I will never suggest a dish unless I really like it. You might also love to try making this dish at home. In less than half an hour, you can have it on the table, and the tastes are so complex and full!

I would rate it 4 out of 5. If you use this recipe, please leave a remark and rate it at the bottom of this page. Definitely a must try dish.

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